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<3 CrissColfer is love, CrissColfer is life. <3


<3 CrissColfer is love, CrissColfer is life. <3

Kurt & Blaine Meme | [3/10] Quotes

“I consider him one of my closest friends on set.” -Chris Colfer

“It’s fun to hang out with Chris and just be goofballs.” -Darren Criss

harry&louis : a cracky summary, pt. 2

Zayn is one of us.


Unlike Captain Niall who can seem so caught up in his ship that he can sometimes be oblivious to how it appears to outsiders, Zayn stays aware and his awareness lets us know there’s anything going on.

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Can you write chris and darren when they announce they're a couple by being out and about and holding hands and sharing small pecks in public and stuff?


They don’t plan it. 

They don’t sit down and decide a time and a place and a date like he imagined they would. 

Instead, they just let it happen. 

For a while, Chris thought maybe it would never happen, that they’d keep this secret forever and eventually move away to live in a cabin on the side of a mountain once their fame died off. But then their fame didn’t die off, and Darren was making music and Chris just kept writing, and they lost touch with old friends but made new ones that seemed just as strong as the first group of people they shared everything with. Everything was good. 

Everything was fantastic.

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What is your perception of what the fans want from [Klaine]?


Who’s WE, Colfer???